Noramtec Consultants - False Promises

Not resolved

Noramtec Consultants, through their employee Jamie, lured me from my employer with the promise of better pay and a specified time period contract. Then, after only 8 weeks, I was abruptly fired for being "over qualified."

There was never any complaint on behalf of Noramtec or its client. There were rumors of employees being fired every month for no apparent reason but I didn't think I would be fired because of my work ethic and experience. When I was hired, an employee was fired. During my employment, another one was fired. Just as I finished my 8th week with Noramtec, I was fired.

I wasn't fired at work. I was fired after I left work. Jamie called me on my phone to tell me that I was fired.

When I demanded a reason why, Jamie could not give me a reason. I had no complaints from management, I had not been written up or given any warnings. On the contrary, I was given compliments from the supervisor for my work. Jamie's excuse was that I was "over qualified."

Review about: Ex-Employee.

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